Hocus Pocus West Coast Country Music Band

Hocus Pocus West Coast Country Music Band

Hocus Pocus (ITA)

West Coast, Country music

Voice/acoustic -Electric guitar + Voice/acoustic guitar + Voice/Electric guitar + Bass/Voice + Drums (5 musicians)

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Memorable band of 6 “boys”from Genoa,  joined by the passion for the American West Coast music.More than 350 dates from 1988 to 2001.During last years their repertoire moved from the country rock to the new county taking into consideration the first country and western dance schools that were growing in Italy, too.After a break of 8 years they decided to put together the band again and offer a show of west coast covers from the  America to the Eagles, from  Neil Young to Bob Dylan, without forgetting in and there some country music of the Alabama or the southern rock of the Lynyrd Skynyrd 

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West Coast, country music

Special Guests
Stage Set

Stefano Sordi: voice,  electric guitar and acoustic guitar
Paolo Donnini : voice and electric guitar
Silvano Marconcini: voice and acoustic guitar
Germano Jori: Voice and bass
+ Drums

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